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10:00 - 6:00
Pacific Time
Monday - Friday


Dave Page, Cobbler brings the highest quality craftsmanship to boot and sport shoe repair.

Since 1969 Dave Page Cobbler has earned an international reputation as the industry leader in the repair of fine sports footwear. Our staff has over 90 years experience. We combine our skills with modern Italian presses, boot repair machinery and the newest techniques to ensure that we can rebuild your footwear to nearly new condition that will meet or exceed factory specifications.

Dave Page, Cobbler routinely repairs (click one of these links to go directly to more information):

Hiking & Moutaineering Boots
Miscellaneous Repairs
Rock Climbing Shoes
Telemark Boots
Birkenstock Sandals

We take pride in the quality of our repairs and on the speed with which we can complete all orders. We not only fix boots, we also use them - see our Hikes & Climbs section to see us in action.


Dave Page, Cobbler
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